Sunday, August 1, 2010

Weight watchers...

The leader of our @Work Weight Watchers meeting is always talking about non-scale victories. She always wants us to focus on every little success we have, and especially the ones that don't involve the scale. The non-scale victories are the ones that will make me successful in the long term. And this weekend was my first really successful WW Weekend in a long time. I have seriously struggled on the weekends w/ tracking and eating right. And this weekend was great. I tracked like a champ, and I ate great!

Besides being successful in what I am eating and how I am tracking, I am also succeeding so far in being more active. I last week I walked/ran 7 miles. This may not sound like a lot but to go from being completely lazy to walking 7 miles in 5 days is pretty exciting for me. I am making it my goal this week to get to 10 miles. I think I can definitely do it. I need to set a plan for myself:
Monday morning: 2 miles
Tuesday morning: 3 miles
Wednesday morning: 2 miles
Thursday: probably nothing. Thursday will involve a 13 hour work day and my weigh in, so I will be away from home from 7am-10pm haha
Friday: 1 mile
Saturday: 2 miles
Sunday: day of rest ;-)

Lets see if I can stick to it...!

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