Wednesday, December 1, 2010

back on track!

So I have not written in here in forever!

Things are...going.

I ran my first 10k on Thanksgiving morning. It was hard. I really slacked off my running leading up to it and I know that was a huge part of my I struggled so much. My time was pretty much...horrible. I ran it in 1 hour 21 min. My goal was 1 hour 15 min. Miles 4-5 I pretty much sucked it up. My stomach got super gasey and I just couldn't convince myself to keep moving. I definitely want to try another 10k sometime soon. Tuesday morning I ran a little over 2 miles. I was so glad to be back out there. I am hoping I can run again tomorrow evening. We shall see.

As for my weight loss is...going haha. I have staying right around the same weight. I guess that is ok considering I am not tracking like I should. Tomorrow is my first Weight Watchers meeting since they changed the program. I am going to start again tomorrow with complete dedication to tracking and sticking to the Weight Watchers plan. I still have about 30 pounds to loose and it will just get harder as I have less to loose.

Not too much more going on in my life. I applied for a Loan Officer position at work. I currently work in our Call Center. I have my interview for the position tomorrow so we shall see. I was really hesitant to apply for the position but I kind of forced myself too. I know I don't want to stay in the Call Center, and I am worried that the longer I stay, the more comfortable I will be, etc. I don't want to stay in the Call Center mostly because I want to see the customers face to face. I want to know w/o a doubt that I am talking to who I think I am talking to. On the phone, so matter how many security questions you ask, you can never really be sure...Anywho

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