Thursday, March 17, 2011

10 confessions...a la SUAR

Shutupandrun had a great post today, so I thought I would jump on her awesome wagon and post the same thing.

10 confessions. 10 “rules” I break consistently.

Now entering a judgment free zone hehe. And possibly TMI zone.

Here we go:

1. I have multiple pants and sweaters that say dry clean only. I don’t. And they are still okay J

2. I don’t floss. Pretty much never. And I really should take better care of my mouth/teeth all together. I’ll work on that

3. If I am making cookies, I end up eating more cookie dough, than actual baked cookies…

4. I text and drive.

5. I buy milk and never use it. I always have the intention of eating it with my cereal, but I never do. And also I guess it’s one of those things I feel I always need to have in my fridge…even if it’s a month old. (Aren’t these making you just love me…!)

6. I don’t usually wear sunscreen. Not even when I am lying poolside in the summer…This is another one I prob should really work on. I don’t typically put on sunscreen until I can literally feel myself cooking.

7. I don’t eat red meat really, but I occasionally steal one of my husband’s pepperonis from his pizza slices. I guess this is just breaking my rule, but still…

8. I’ve been using the same Brita filter since we moved into our house. 11 months ago.

9. I am obsessed with The Real House Wives of New Jersey and Orange County. I’ve seen every episode of every season. Multiple times.

10. I am obsessed with managing our finances. I check my bank account numerous times throughout the day. I balance our check book every day. And I have a spreadsheet with our bills on it that I check and mess with at least 3 times a day.

On another note, I didnt gain or loose any weight this past week. And I'll take it!

Today starts another week and so far so good. Well, breakfast was good, worth the points...but dinner was tasty!

After a little 2 mile run on the treadmill, I sat down to a big ol salad. Spinach, cucumber, tomatoes and chicken tenders (bread crumb coated and baked. tasty :) ). I am currently stuffed and happy.

I leave you with two things!

Happy St. Patty's Day!

(this was sophmore year @ MSU)



(yes, those are converse with my cap and gown. wouldn't have it any other way...)

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  1. I love this...what a great list...thanks for playing along!!!