Saturday, March 19, 2011


Yay! Another outside run! Maybe my...3rd of the year?! They will definitely become more frequent as things get nicer.

After work yesterday I checked the weather and when I saw 50 and sunny, I knew immediately that after work today I was going for a run around the lake. It was GREAT! Perfect temperature, nice breeze, sunshine. Seriously, I couldnt have asked for a better day.

Here is my route:

The black squiggly lines are where I walked. Not to shabby. I finished in 41 minutes! It turned out to be an 11 min mile pace. WOOT WOOT. 3.7 miles total.

I am super proud of myself!

Now time for a shower, some dinner, and a cozy night at home!

Have a great Saturday night!

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  1. You should be proud! That is an awesome run!!!! I cannot wait till it is around that temperature for my runs!!!