Tuesday, March 15, 2011

foooooood pictures/recipes

Here's what I've been eating for the last two meals :)

Dinner last night was an amazing turkey burger!
3 oz ground turkey (93/7 for the fat content)
laughing cow cheese wedge

I was having camera issues but here is the best I could get:

I could not get the camera to focus for the life of me, but ah well! Total points value for this bad boy: 7 pts! 3 pts for the turkey, 3 for the bun, and one for the laughing cow!

This mornings photo shoot went much better, and o man it is a tasty recipe!
Banana and Apple french toast! The inspiration for this one came from the awesome Hungry Runner Girl, Janae. I dont remember the exact entry it was in but, just check out her whole blog, it is great.

2 Slices of bread (The bread you choose is important here if you are looking to stay WW friendly. I use Nickles 35 Light Wheat Bread. I get it at Meijer)

Banana (warmed and slighty carmelized)
Apple (warmed and slighty carmelized)
1/2 cup egg beaters
1/4 sug SF syrup
CINNAMON! (on everything! In the egg beaters, and on the apples and bananas as they cook)

This is the best thing I have ever made WW friendly and it will become my new Sunday morning breakfast probably every week!
Points breakdown (be prepared to be amazed!)
-The bread is 2 pts for 2 slices
-Egg beaters are 1 point
-SF Syrup is 1 point
-Banana FREE
-Apple FREE


BOO YAH. I am super excited about this. Also excited to have the day off and have lunch with one of my favorite people in Jackson, Erika!

Todays work out will consist me of walking at a super incline while watching the OC. My hips are feelin a little tight still (anyone know a good way to stretch your hips out? That is where I have the most trouble after a run...!) so I figured I'll keep it to a more low impact workout...

See ya!

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  1. ooo the french toast looks yummy! may have to try that =]

    as for stretching i found a great video that helps legs/hips before and after running...it made a big difference when i did it before


    let me know how it goes!