Tuesday, March 8, 2011

just a quickie

Hi guys!
Just a quick post before I am off to work.

Ran 2 miles this morning in 23 minutes. Pace was an 11.30 sec mile. I am ok with the speed but frustrated with myself. I wussed out big time. I didnt even get through the first mile without stopping, while on Sunday I got through 1.25 miles. LAME. I walked for about 3 minutes, and ran the last .25 miles at a 10 min mile to try and make up for the walking.

I am definitely realizing I would prefer to work out at night, rather than in the mornings. In the mornings I find myself really not wanting to wake up early and I think that results in me giving up sooner when running. In the evenings, running gives me that little extra boost of energy, and I am more productive because of it.

Anywho! off to work. Date night with the hubby tonight. Can't wait :)

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