Wednesday, March 9, 2011

very chill wednesday....

hello hello

Its been a very chill night here at the Pitmon household. Shane is at Ox's watching the Wings, and I am spending quality time with the dog.

Once I got home I hopped on the treadmill for 3 miles and an episode of The OC. Felt pretty good about this run. Ran 1.3 without stopping at an 11 min mile pace. Walked for a few and then got to 2 miles again at 11 min mile pace. I alternated the last mile. I ran for 2 min at a 10 min mile pace, then walked a min, and repeat. For the last .18 miles I ran at a 9 min mile pace. It KICKED MY ARSE. But felt awesome to just feel like I was sprinting and going as fast as I could. YUP. 9 min miles is the fastest I could ever hope for haha

After a quick shower, I made myself a delicious egg (egg substitute really. it is less WW points) sandwich. Egg substitue, cheese, soy breakfast sausage (I bet some of you are gagging!), cucumber (makes every sandwich that much better) and hot sauce on wheat toast. SO GOOD. Finished it off with some water and gramham crackers. so good.

That about sums it up for tonight.

If anyone is out there, answer me this:

When you are flying solo for the night, do you still make a real meal, or do you mix and match with what is in the fridge?
-I mix and match. When Shane is home, I try and make an actual dinner for two people. Doesnt always happen, but I try! When its just me, I poke around in the fridge and cabinets and find things that I think will go good together. The more the merrier haha

What do you watch on Wednesdays?!
- TOP CHEF! New epsiode in 22 min. Can't wait.

Good night from me and Hercules!


  1. I adore your blog colleen!!! i hope to meet you soon! :)

    do you have any upcoming races on schedule?

  2. Thanks for stopping by Nicole! Next race I have on schedule is The Race for A Cure in Lansing. April 10th I think...or April 17th...