Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday Favorites

Ah yes, my first feature of Friday Favorites! Get excited :)

This will post will have some of my favorite things that happened today :)

Need I say more? Hehe okay I will. We had a Welcome Breakfast for our new Assistant Branch Manager this morning. I brought fruit trays, and one of my amazing coworkers brought these tasty cinnamon rolls. I managed to snag one to take home for Shane bc as soon as I ate it I knew he had to try one. They were amazing.

Sunny day! The weather today was amazing. Once I got home I headed out for a little 3 mile run. The sun was shining, there was a nice breeze, and I could smell the freshly cut grass fabulous.

It finally feels like we may really really really be into spring! Things are super green, and our tree is starting to have flowers on it! So pretty!

Thats all for now. Time to grab a quick shower and then dinner at our favorite neighborhood golf course/bar and grill!

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  1. Aweomse!!! You could have joined us on our 10 miler tonight:)