Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I've been a running maniac this week! Or at least, a maniac compared to what I have been.

Here's what I've run so far
don't forget, my weeks start on Thursdays bc thats when my new WW week starts :)

Thursday: 5k on treadmill
Friday: nada
Saturday: 4 gorgeous miles outside
Sunday: nada
Monday: 3 miles in the dizzly rain
Tuesday: 4 miles, another gorgeous day for running in MI

Tomorrow I will do Zumba, and that will be my week. I have earned 28 activity points this week so far. The recommended amount is 20 I think, and this is the first week I have surpassed that.

Besides working out, I've been doing pretty well with eatting too.

I have tracked like a CHAMP (except for Easter). I am thinking there will be good results at the scale this week :) I need it after the mess that was last week.

There is not TOOO much else going on in my life right now. I am a new volunteer with a local charity. The charity goes to schools throughout mid michigan and teaches about how Business and Economics relate to what the students are already learning in their social studies class. Today was my first class and leading up to it I was a NERVOUS WRECK. But it really went way better than I expected. The kids were great (I am teaching 4th graders), and I felt comfortable with the material I was teaching. I am going to email the teacher tomorrow and ask if she has any feedback of things I need to change.

Once I got home from that, Shane was home also, and we worked in the yard a bit. I can't believe we have been in our house for over a year. And it's kind of nuts to think about how much we have done. The only HUGE thing we have done was put it new windows, but we did so many little things that really added a lot to the house. Fresh coat of paint inside, repainted the shutters outside, landscaping, and within the next month, we will have a deck :) I CANNOT WAIT FOR SUMMER BBQ'S ON THE DECK!

Well folks, I guess that is all for now :)

How is your week going?

Been watching any playoff hockey??
Shane is HUGE hockey fan, and I am a mini hockey fan, so we have been watching a lot. There have been some exciting games! Can't wait for the next Red Wing's series!

PS: I made it so anyone can comment, so if you are reading, say HI!

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  1. all I can say is WAY TO GO on the running! thats a great week right there! and its funny because the more you run the more energy you have and the more you want to run...great cycle, stay in it!