Sunday, September 4, 2011

day one of vacation!

So, yesterday at 3pm my vacation OFFICIALLY started! I worked 13 days straight, and now I have ten days off.

I was not planning on running today. I was going to just completely rest and relax. But when I woke up around 8, and realized I DIDNT HAVE TO WORK, I wanted to go for a run!

Four miles later, and I am so glad it was done, and so glad I did it. I am beyond freaked out about running a 1/2 marathon in two weeks, but...I'll get through it somehow. Its crazy how a few weeks back I was finishing my 10 mile training run, and feeling so strong, and so confident. And then these IT band issues hit, and I stopped. I slowed down, and my confidence has taken a big hit.

I have no doubt in my mind I will finish that 1/2 marathon. But I am worried I won't finish in my goal time, which is 2 1/2 hours. I am going to try to stick with the 11 min mile pace group, and if I can hang with them, I will be fine.

On another note, words cannot express how happy I was to take this picture last night:

Me, Shawn and Amir

Through our years at MSU, the three of us were pretty much inseperable. Last night marked the first time we have all been together since my wedding, almost TWO years ago. We were only together for about 30 minutes, it was pretty awesome. Its crazy how some friendships seriously pick up right where they left off. I've seen Shawn a ton recently, and I really hope that continues. Amir is currently living is Chicago, and I would love to make a trip to visit him this winter. I went a back in July and it was such a great time.


The writing is not flowing today, so I am just going to stop haha.

Just for four, here are the three of us, freshman year of college, on spring break in Ft Lauderdale:

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  1. 10 days off!!! Awesome.

    And yes you will finish your half and maybe you will be closer to your goal time than you think!!

    Hey, you won my running shirt giveaway, so email me at with your addresss! Congrats!