Wednesday, November 9, 2011

2012 Race Schedule...?

Jeff at Detroit Runner was talking about his 2012 schedule today, and that got the wheels in my mind goin...

Here is what I am thinking about for 2012...
4/22/2012 Lansing Half Marathon
5/6/2012 Borgess Run for the Health of It in Kalamazoo
9/9/2012 Chicago Half Marathon (w/ Pam!!)
9/??/2012 Capital City River Run
Dinosaur Dash 5k sometime in October (sponsored by my employer, so its free!!)
Turkey Trot 10k Thanksgiving morning

My one concern so far is that those are a little...close...together. It's likely that the CCRR will be the weekend after the Chicago Half.

Even the first two are a bit close together...

I could go w/o the Borgess 1/2, but I really want to do the other three...

Is it silly to run two halfs two weekends in a row? Thoughts?
When I think about this question, one thing I think of automatically is for people who have two speeds (aka a Race speed, and a normal speed), this could be pretty tough on the body.

I on the other hand, am still running to finish things and I have one speed (unless I am going like, less than 5 miles. Then I kick it up a bit). So that makes me think running 2 half marathons two weeks in a row is really like doing two 13 mile long runs two weekends in a row...

Am I way off here?

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  1. Good idea to have a plan of races! As for running close between I think it depends on how you train. You could train and in training run a half 2 weekends in row and see how it goes...I personally take time off after a race but thats usually because I dont have many options here. I think it's doable, but set reasonable goals in the beginning, dont think to PR on both. I think with the right expectations = finishing ;) then you could do all of them :)