Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Reinspired: A super long post about Weight Watchers

It's amazing what sitting down and talking to someone can do...

Let me go back for a minute...

Sunday I got an email from my WW leader. She was just checking in to see how things were going. I didnt respond right then because I did not know what to say. How could I tell her I felt like food wise I was failing miserably.

While, after writing that post on Monday, and crying out some tears of frustration (did I mention Aunt Flo is visiting), I emailed her back, telling her I was struggling, and copying part of my blog post to the email. She responded asking if I wanted to sit down and chat before the meeting today. I was open to that, and so we did.

We chatted a bit about things and she helped me realize sometimes I need to plan a little better. And not only plan for the expected, but always be prepared for the unexpected. After our chat I sat down for the WW meeting, and this meeting topic was so spot on I could not believe it. The general topic was something along the lines of excercising while watching TV. But our topic ended up focusing mainly on MINDLESS eating. Not only mindless eating, but eating like you are racing someone.

As I was soaking in all the words of wisdom from other members, and from Linda (my WW leader), I could not help but realize this is truly where a lot of my problems lay.

So with that realization, I made a few changes. I am going back to tracking on paper as opposed to my phone. I think this will help me plan a head a bit because there are spaces in the trackers for notes, etc. Besides that, sometimes it is just good to switch it up. I mean, I have been tracking online for awhile, and maybe a change back to paper will help me feel again, if that makes sense?

I also took special care today while eating to SLOW DOWN. Making sure to really chew my food, set my fork down, take a drink, make conversation, stare off into space, whatever it takes to SLOW DOWN! And it worked.

I have 5 points left for the day, and I feel so completely satisfied. More satisfied than I have in a long time. Not only is my tummy satisfied, I feel good about the day I had.

So, its a new beginning. I am feeling more inspired to be good to myself, and inspired to make this final push towards my goal weight.

I have roughly ten pounds to go. My goal for myself? Be at my goal weight by the time we go to Vegas in March. That gives me almost exactly four months.

Lets do this :)

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