Monday, November 7, 2011

it's been awhile...

Life has been crazy! Or mostly work has been crazy.

This has resulted in poor eating, and not too much running.

On the running front, I think the last time I wrote was when I limped home to finish a run. Since then I have been stretching a lot, foam rolling a lot, and things are...better.

Yesterday I successfully made it two miles without knee pain, so that is a plus. I am having random other aches and pains, including the occasional sharp pain in my hip, so I dunno what that is about...*sigh*

I am realizing I need to do workouts other than running, so this morning I did a yoga workout (my first ever) and that was interesting. I enjoyed it, so I think I will try doing that more often.

On the Weight Watchers front...things are...rough. I am really struggling to fully embrace the program at this point. It will be two years in January since I joined Weight Watchers, and I just...I don't know what my issue is. I have better weeks, and crappy weeks, but I don't think I could tell you the last time I had a truly successful feeling week. I start each week with those intentions and I end up getting derailed. And once I get derailed I cannot figure out how to get back on. One thing that I always think of when I am falling off the WW Wagon is my leader talks about "If you drop one egg, would you just throw the other dozen down too and just give up?" And the answer to that is no. I know that just bc I have one bad day, the week is not over. But its like once I drop one egg, I end up dropping the other dozen slowly over the week. I am realizing this may not make sense to anyone but me, but I am writing this for me so I guess that is what matters.

And what I think I am realizing by writing this is I cannot drop that first egg. But how do I do that when I am surrounded by things that make it so easy to drop the egg? You would think two years in I would have figured this out already...but I haven't...

On a happy WW front, Shane has lost FOURTY SIX POUNDS!! By thanksgiving he will have lost more than me, and I am so proud and happy for him!!!!

As a WW couple, we have lost about 99 pounds. Not bad, right ? ;-)

Okay, I gotta shower and get this day started. Weigh in is on Wednesday...lets see if I can string together two days to be proud of...

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  1. I know what you mean with "dropping the eggs" I do the same thing. It is hard to have that mind set of starting each day or each meal fresh but try to also put it into perspective. The other day I "overate" by having 5 cookies, I told a co-worker and they laughed, they said its really only 5 cookies, you'll be fine in the long run. So long story short, try not to make mountains out of've done so well for so long! Keep it up :)