Sunday, November 20, 2011

Thanksgiving (and Christmas) a little early

Every year the company Shane works for gives him a turkey. This is a super nice gesture, but for those of us who don't prepare Thanksgiving dinner, it leaves us with a turkey and no occasion to cook it for.

I still had last years turkey. I did some reading and found that they can keep this long if they are frozen. And I realized that in about 2 days I will have another turkey.
So on Wednesday night I got our turkey out and thawing in the fridge! Now, here we are on Sunday morning and I have my first turkey in the oven!
I am definitely looking forward to some turkey sandwiches this week.

On another note, yesterday was beyond fun. After working until 3, Shane and I headed to the Tanger Outlet Malls with his parents to do some Christmas shopping! Mom P was willing to take me to the Nike Outlet and pick out a few things...and oh man, I did!

I get everything Christmas morning, so no pictures yet, but I got a pair of running pants (Will be great to wear over my tights, or by themselves when it is not too cold), and two hoodies (one is heavier than the other). I bought myself a great long sleeve base layer so I will have that to keep my warm until Christmas! I cannot wait!
Besides those deals at the Nike outlet, I scored some CRAZY deals at the Gap Outlet. I got

1. Wool Peacoat. Originally $80, 50% off for $40

2. Fingerless Gloves (these were for Shane). Originally 4.99, 70% off for $1.50
3. Green shirt I can wear to work. Originally 10.99, ended up being $3.85
I had a $20 off coupon, so that gave me a grand total of $29.76, a savings of $68.89


Besides that stuff, I have been running and doing some yoga. I have not gone past 3 miles since the Detroit Half, so 6.2 will be interesting on Thanksgiving morning. I know the first 3 miles will fly by bc they are on the parade route, so there will be TONS of people. The last 3 will be the challenge, but Pam and I will make it through.

Thats all for now I guess! I'll leave you with this cute picture of Hercules and Shane:

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