Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I just learned how to "split" my iPad keyboard so it is more like texting. I am in heaven !!!

Anyways. On to the running.

I am in first full week of "I think I am running a spring marathon" training. I am doing Hal Higdon's novice plan, and I came in on week like four I think. So far this week included three miles yesterday ;via treadmill) and four miles today outside!!! I love my Wednesday's when get out of work at 3:15. This happens every other week nadir is fabulous!

To,or row I have three miles which will be on the treadmill at night, then rest and nine on Saturday.

I think I can do nine. I will do my three mile loop, then my six mile loop, so that it won't be as easy for me to give up.

Alrighty that's all for now folks!

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