Saturday, February 4, 2012

looking forward to the AM...

Tomorrow morning I have 10 miles on the schedule :)

I am going to approach this just like I did last weekend. Slow and steady.

Last week marked my first full week of training since I decided that I wanted to try for a spring full marathon. And last week I hit all four of my runs. That also meant though that there was quite a jump in my mileage from the prior week to last week. And my IT band has been protesting all week because of it.

This week I was scheduled for 3, 5, 3, 10. I did 5, and 2, and I will try 10. But I will be smart. And I will listen to my body and if it doesnt feel right, I wont continue.

But I know that typing that is easier than it will be to actually stop tomorrow if things feel off. But I need to be smart.I need to be smart.

I need to be smart. And listen to my body.

Can you tell I am trying to convince myself and just make sure that is stuck in my head?

The weather for tomorrow looks amazing. Check it out:

30 degrees and sunny at 8am? Yes please.

And now, me and Hercules are off to bed. He is all tuckered out from his two mile walk this afternoon.

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