Sunday, July 22, 2012

Armpocket Sport i20 review

So I have never done a product review, other than to say that I bought something and I love it. So bare with me as I try to do this!

Last week I was lucky enough to win an ArmPocket from Detroit Runner. They didn't ask that I do a review but I figure why the heck not? They gave me something for free, so I might as well share my opinion on their product.

I choose the Sport I-20 model, which is the medium sized ArmPocket. When looking over the products online, the thing that I was most excited about was that the ArmPocket said that the pouch had a "touch control window" aka you can actually control the phone or Ipod you put in there without having to take it out. And honestly out of all the things they said the product did, that was what I cared about most.

I got my ArmPocket last week and I have used it a few times since then. The ArmPocket advertises was being Water Resistant, and I decided to put that to the test on Thursday. I had a 5 mile tempo run on schedule and I was debating between treadmilling it (ugh) or running in the rain. I decided on the rain and figured it would be a great time to test out the ArmPocket. I put my phone in the front of the pocket, and house key behind.
There was a ton of room still for gels or anything else I could need to carry with me. Upon completing my 5 mile run, I was in love with this product!

The water resistance is FOR REAL! It drizzled my whole run, and when I opened the pocket up once I got home, my iPhone was perfectly dry. I was also able to control the iPhone easily on the run through the screen.

Besides those two features, I fell in LOVE with the armband. It was soft and didn't chaff my arm at all (IN THE FREAKING RAIN!!) and it stayed in place great. The strap is made of a no slip memory foam, and it also has holes in the strap for venting.
So to summarize, I love this ArmPocket. They retail for 29.95, and even though I got mine for free, I would totally say this would be worth the 29.95.

When I think about using this vs my fuel belt, I have to say, I think the ArmPocket will be my go to. The ease of using my phone, and the confidence that I have in the Water Resistance of this just makes me gravitate towards the ArmPocket.

PS: If you want to see a more throughout review, check out the one Detroit Runner did. Jeff does an amazing job reviewing products, and I as a result of his awesome reviews, I have bought two of the products ( my 26.2 emblem for my car and my foam roller, The Grid)

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  1. Thanks for the shout out. See - I told you that you'd like it! I much prefer this over a belt around my waste which is why I carry my water bottle(clean bottle) and the arm pocket. Not that I'm unhappy with waist pockets - just my particular preference.

    I also love my 26.2, 13.1 emblem on my car. I just bought a 70.3 for a friend. And I could not live without the Grid. I'm glad you enjoy both of these. I'm trying to get my hands on the new roller TP Therapy is coming out with called the Cold roller. Looks like an interesting concept but expensive($100)