Wednesday, July 25, 2012

What's really hard?

I had a talk w my WW leader Linda this morning. I have been hovering 2.5-3 pounds above my goal weight. I said her "maintenance is hard".

And she followed up with is it really? She pointed out that when I was GAINING weight, having to buy new clothes and hating what you see in the mirror is hard. Sneaking food or hating yourself for demolishing a whole chocolate cake is hard. Being unhappy with your life is hard.

So really, is this that hard in the big picture?

She said I should remind myself what I have done that's cool since I lost weight. Four words for that. I am a marathoner. (running a marathon is hard!! :-) )

I needed a reality check. This isn't hard. I know how to do this. In reality I have been maintaining for two months, I just have been maintaining a weight that is three pound too high.

How about a small goal? Or a few small goals? I want to loose one pound this week. How will I get there? Tracking, Accurately. Drinking water when I get an urge to snack.

Those are my goals. This is not hard. I know how to do this. I know how to freaking do this. Not feeling happy with Myself or my goals is hard. This is not.

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