Sunday, July 29, 2012

What have I been up to?

Tuesday morning run <3

I feel like I havent written about running in awhile! And I realized that it true, because I havent really since July 13th when I busted out that sub 9 min mile.

Half Marathon training kicked off after 4th of July and it has been going strong. I've been doing pretty good at following the set mileage and not so good at following the times the plan says I should run haha. I just have trouble running at a 12 min mile pace for only a 2 mile run. But anyways, I figure I will let pictures speak for me and just post a bunch of those along with this post :)

I have been running a TON with Erika which is fabulous! I love my solo runs but I really love running with someone also. The miles really fly.

My hair does that really awesome thing on every run. I just cannot contain those little hairs. Anywho. Erika is the one that got me into running and pushed me through and helped me become mentally tougher. Right now she is coming back from injury and our roles have been reversed. I am glad I am able to repay the favor to her and help get her out there and keep her going.

We ran our 8 miler yesterday morning on the Falling Waters Trail in Jackson (paved flat trail, it is great) and I experience the need to run into the woods for the first time. And by run I mean penguin waddle slowly and hope I made it hahahhaa. The pic below is after I returned from the woods and Erika nicknamed me "mama bear" hahaha

Besides the CCRR coming up, I also signed up for the 8 Mile Road Race on Mackinac Island!

I am beyond excited for this race. Shane and I always go to St Ignace for our anniversary and we ended up having to go the weekend before our anniversary (THREE YEARS!! <3) this time. Being the runner that I am, I had to check to see if there was a race that weekend and when I saw this, I knew I HAD to do this race. It goes around the outside of the island and is a relatively flat course, which is nice ;-) Also, you get a finishers medal along with your tech tee! I was sold on this so quick. The price wasnt too bad, and once you add in the ferry fee it is about $50. For me, this will be worth it. It will be a GORGEOUS course and probably something I wont have the chance to do again.

And for just a few other random things:

I got new shoes finally!! Found my usual Saucony ProGrid Guide 4s on sale for $50, so I jumped on that. I am still really hesitant to go to the Guide 5s because of the change they made in the drop (12mm to 8mm). I think that if I work them in slowly when it comes to be that time, I will probably be okay. Or I may just go get refitted at Playmakers and see what they suggest.

Thats all for now folks! Have a great week!

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  1. Awesome. I've been meaning to do a race on Mackinac Island for a while. I came close when I ran the Mackinac Bridge, but nothing on the island yet. Probably won't happen this year, either.