Monday, December 31, 2012


A year ago I wrote a post that contained three goals I wanted to achieve. Read about it here.

Goal 1: Reach my goal weight. On May 23rd I became a lifetime member of weight watchers. And let me tell you, I thought maintenance would be easy. It isn't. BUT. None of it is easy. Being over weight isn't easy, losing weight isn't easy and maintaining a healthy weight isn't either. But I will pick my hard, and that is maintaining haha. The picture below was right around when I reached goal. I love that picture. We look so freaking happy, and it is because we are. :-D

Goal 2: Run 1,000 miles in 2012. I just finished this morning! Nothing like coming down to the last day, but I knew that was how it would go.

Last year I ran and walked a combined 576 miles. This year I ran 1,000 and walked 20 (I probably walked more but only recorded those on Daily Mile). I am really glad I did this. There was times in November and early December where I didn't think I would finish. BUT! Its done :-D Goal #2, complete.

Goal 3: This was actually the first goal I completed in 2012, but it by far is way more awesome than the last two. Well I dunno, reaching lifetime in WW is awesome. WW changed my life. WW led me to goal 3. But anyways. When I think about my first marathon, I still always get chills. When I think about crossing the finish line, I typically get choked up. I don't really know how to sum up this goal. Here are the posts about my marathon:
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There is a lot I could say about this year, but I don't really know how to say it. It has been a truly amazing year. A ton of amazing things happened, and a few not so good things happened. But that is all part of life, and all part of how you come to appreciate the good moments so much, and know that there will be bad but you cant dwell there. 

So, what will I do in 2013? I have no freaking clue. For the the majority of 2012 after I first marathon, I thought for sure I would do another. But I don't know if that is in the cards for me right now. I think if I do one this year, it will be a fall marathon, simply because of the hours of day light that will be available to me to train. And if I do a fall marathon, I will most likely do Detroit because its close to home, and my family can come watch. I want my mom to see me finish a marathon. I want to run one for her, so I have no doubt that I will do another. But I just don't think it is in the cards for Spring 2013. 

I will run the Lansing Half Marathon (last years PR), and I will run the CC River Run Half in September. But other than that, who knows? There is a race in Chicago called the Get Lucky Half Marathon in March, on St Patty's Day and I really want to run that. But haven't signed up yet. I am having commitment issues with races so far haha. 

So all I will say is in 2013 I will roll with the punches. I will maintain my current weight. I will keep running. And I will enjoy every single moment I have with friends and family. 

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! Be safe and have fun tonight!

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  1. 2012 was a banner year for you! Inspiring stuff that motivates me. You'll be fantastic in 2013, I'm sure. Happy year!