Monday, January 21, 2013

What to do?

I have been feeling a bit lost lately when it comes to running. For the majority of the year after I ran the Kalamazoo Marathon, I knew without a doubt that I would train and run it again this year.

But here we are on January 21st 2013, and I have run 6 miles this year.

I am not feeling particularly inspired to run with any frequency or for any long number of miles. I don't know if its the cold that is keeping me in, or what but I just am not feeling it.

What I am "feeling" when it comes to exercise is anything other than running. I am craving the feeling of being strong. I have been doing more core workouts and I just downloaded an app that has some arm workouts. As I said to Shane, I want to feel less jiggly. And what I am finding is that as I work towards that, I am sore, and therefore do not want to run.

While I don't want to run, I don't much like the idea that when I am wanting to run again, it will feel like I am starting over. But that is an exaggeration since when I started I couldn't run a quarter mile without walking. But you get the point.

I am sounding a bit whiny right now I realize but oh well.

I cant help but wonder though if this lack of interest in running is due to a lack of plan. I havent signed up for any races in 2013 yet, and therefore do not have that motivating me either.

What to do? Do I sign up for a race and just make myself go through the motions of training, with hopes that the love will return? Or by doing that would I run the risk of really really really not wanting to do it, and therefore burning myself out even more? For the months of November and December I made myself go through the motions of running so that I could complete my 1,000 mile goal. But a lot of the time my heart just wasn't in it. And part of me thinks those two months are what landed me here in the first place, craving anything except a run.

So what to do, what to do? I plan on trying a Spin class in the coming weeks sometime. And will keep working on my core and my arms. And running the occasional two or three miles when the mood strikes me. And I guess I will just see what happens...

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  1. I think starting a plan will get you out there but not necessarily get you motivated. How about start with a couple times a week and work your way back? Or maybe sign up for a 5k or 10k? Does it have to be a half or full marathon? I think not. How about running with a running buddy? That will motivate you to not disappoint someone else counting on you and it makes the miles fly by. Good luck!