Sunday, March 3, 2013

K-Zoo Half training, week one

First week of training for the Kalamazoo Half Marathon is done!

The schedule was:
Monday - rest
Tuesday - 3
Wednesday - 4
Thursday - 3
Friday - rest
Saturday - cross train
Sunday - 6 miles

Actual runs:
Monday - rest
Tuesday - 3.1
Wednesday - 2 on treadmill
Thursday - workout class at work that included burpees, mountain climbers, lunges, squats, kettle bell swings, planks, shoulder presses and sprints. Great workout that left me sore for two days
Friday - rest
Saturday - rest
Sunday - 6

So it wasn't a perfect week but what I am reminding myself is last week I ran three miles, the week before that I ran 6, and before that 5. So while I need to get into training, I need to ease my mileage up slowly. So 11 miles this week will do :-)

That's all for now folks! Have a great week!

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